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Getting to know me!

I have been an artist for about 6 years and had a free website. With the Pandemic closing all art fairs it became imperative that online business is the way to go. I also decided to PAY for my domain and website. With that I created my online store through Square. This became a project since I needed to get get pictures and descriptions of my work.

To keep current I also need to make blogs more frequently along with You Tube Videos on my You Tube channel which is also 6 years old and didn't have anything on it until last week. Check it out. Beginner videos, but I am trying.

Despite the Safer At Home order for the last 2 months I have been selling via Facebook and my store. I also have items at JNJ Craftworks in Verona. The owner has been promoting products and things are selling.

When not doing art and trying to figure out this marketing I work full time at a nursing home. I am proud to be able to keep our residents busy and safe from the Pandemic.

Crazy world, but it forced me to go in a direction with my I have been thinking about for years. I had to Zoom meetings. Purchased a webcam, headphones and a Vlogging camera. I am hoping to do videos a couple times a week, at least for the summer. If live shows ever occur I can vlog them too.

Over the last few years I started doing classes in watercolor, pour painting, crocheting and jewelry. Doing some teaching videos is also a goal of mine.

I really love to make things. My husband suggested that I personalize my resin art for people. They can provide photos and I make something personal for them. Here is an example I made for my Mother In Law.


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