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I am a artist who does watercolors, resin art,

along with showcasing unique creative beaded jewelry.

I also have creative crochet items sale. 

I like to create.  For years I have taken tiny little beads to create jewerly. Crystals and focus beads are added to make them fun and enjoyable.  I also discovered that watercolor painting is also a "knack", so I started to paint scenery.  In this process it came to me that I can combine images of my paintings to make jewerly!


Please enjoy some of the work I have completed.

Shirley's Art Ventures
Jewelry Sampler

Beads!... I LOVE BEAD!, especially the little ones.  I make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair accessories etc. 

Shirley's Art Ventures
Watercolor Sampler

I love color took a stab at painting.  It was very enjoyable.  My paintings have been reporduced into cards and jewelry.  

Shirley's Art Ventures
Creative Sampler

I have taken my paintings and made them into magnets, cards, jewerly, resins art etc. 


I have also been crocheting.  My mom has helped me with dish towels.  

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