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Artist Statement

Here I am holding Bubba, my friend, Caryn's, dog. 

Shirley Duerst



I have always felt the need to create using color and design.  My training comes from the world around me; what I see, art classes in high school and college, You-tube videos, art journaling, house layout, card designs, and many hours of practice. 


Recently I discovered another potential for my art in the medium of watercolor painting.  My main focus is bead weaving with seed beads, stone, wire, and crystal.  My style tends to be practical and realistic but I strive for fluidity and sparkle.  My jewelry projects are usually elaborate with many beads and creative use of design.  I am using my new found love of watercolor painting in the world of jewelry creations. This is done with small reproductions of my paintings and bead weaving.


Influences to my creative world comes from my Mother who has been “making things” all her life, Judy my piano teacher who has worked in Chinese Watercolors, creative friends, and nature.  I work in a nursing home as the Activity Director and live on a farm. 


I am thrilled when people around me enjoy and appreciate my use color and design.  People often comment on my jewelry and want to learn how to create or to have what I make.  It is a thrill as an artist to be able to influence people you meet. 

My Art Specialities!
Shirley's Art Ventures

Sead beading is what I do.  I take the little tiny beads and make something out of them!

When working at my job for 30 years I received a gift certificate and cashed it in for watercolor supplies!  Then I began to paint!  People like my work, so I decided it was worthwhile to let others see it. 

Shirley the Jewelry Maker
Shirley the Watercolor Artist
Shirley's Art Ventures
Shirley's Art Ventures

Shirley the artist who combines her specialties!

I am not a professionally trained artist.  I watch You-Tube videos to learn how to enhance my "God" given abilities.  I want to make my paintings into jewelry, so here is a sample of what I have done. 

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