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Bought a Vlogging Camera

My new camera.

Now I need to figure out how to use it!!!! Opened it last night and things were a mystery. I didn't realize that I would need an SD card, so ordered that. Thought the camera would come ready to go...LOL. Why would it be that easy. The direction book has tiny print. I can ready it, but after long day of work it made my eyes water. I did have a tripod from an old video camera we got when my kids were little, so that is good. Hopefully the camera will be good enough for my YouTube channel. I don't really want to film everything on my phone or the webcam. I don't want to fill up my phone with videos, because I have a really hard time deleting.... I think I may need them in the future...LOL....

With Covid 19 continuing and art fairs not, I am planning to try and blog several times a week and vlog a couple times a week. I will also feature my online store, so feel free to check it out. I have cards, bookmarks, couple of crocheted items and resin pieces.


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