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What to Create?

Yesterday I had a booth at an Art/Craft fair and it came to my attention that I should update my art. I make beaded jewelry. All are very unique, so this is good-but not everyone wears jewelry.

I do watercolor paintings (2 years in, but people think I am good-yea!) Someone said that the houses now days are open concept, so there is less wall space...bummer.

From my watercolors I make cards and magnets. They are very pretty, but the problems are.... people are not sending cards and homes have stainless steel refrigerators---- so who needs these?????

I looked on Pinterest for ideas of how to use my supplies in a creative way that is innovative from other artists. I am still thinking of ideas but I did come up with a couple that where I don't have to go an buy.

One idea is inspired from the lady next to be me yesterday who had suncatchers made from shattered marbles. I thought I could make suncatchers form my beads and the photos of my paintings using fishline etc. I can also make wall art or other type of hanging art.

Once I have one of my new creations completed I will post.

If anyone has ideas let me know.

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