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Comparing Paintings

I painted the painting on the right first. I got the idea from my niece who took this picture while in her cabin in Northern Wisconsin. I liked the picture and asked to paint it, so I did. I used Winsor and Newton paints and Canson 140 pound watercolor paper. The first thing I did was mask the paper in the lightest areas of the water then I would paint the trees etc first prior to removing the mask. Since the paper is only fair quality, when the mask was removed it ripped the paper... so bummer... I need to repaint areas. Then the trees are over worked, so for these reason I wanted to try again.

So painting number 2 (on the left). For this I used a higher quality paper, Arches 140 pounds and NO masking. I also worked hard to not overdue the trees. I did a lot of blending with both paintings on the paper.

Painting on the right has the 3 primary colors plus gray and brown. The painting on the left is only with the primary colors which are totally blended either in the pallet or on the paper.

I continue to Venture in my art.... someday I will say "I LOVE IT"...but for now I am still exploring.

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