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I have been watercolor painting for about a year now. I have improved, but continue to discover more ways to improve. I just finished painting of a shed (which I will post later). Again this painting is overdone. It looked good, then I discovered I didn't mask the fence to stay white, so I masked it a this time. When the mask came off there was green and yellows where the white fence should be, so here I go again, over painting. I keep fixing what I call mistakes, in the end it looks fairly good, but the process is not what I would like.

Recently I have been watching painting videos on palette, kinds of paints, and color combination using the color wheel. I know all about the color wheel, so want to really try to use this more in color mixing. I also have not been using the amount of water I should, so will work to use more of that.

I have been upgrading my paints, brushes and paper to an artist quality, so that is good. My plan is repaint the picture I just did with attention to better technique.

Another thing that has inspired me a book I got from Amazon for a mere $4.00. It has professional watercolor artists giving tips., some very doable for me, some much more than I would like to be doing.

Better go for now, but be looking for my next paint.

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