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It took me over 4 tries and I finally found a way to get a border around my pansey painting reproduction bead. I have doing this with the sunflowers. They each have taken a bunch of time, so I am trying to find a faster way. I think I have found a solution....

Do peyote stich for the back, a little larger than the bead.

Then do a frame peyote stich for the front and "Zip" them together.

After about a dozen trials, I am hoping this is works.

My other other thought is to glue the Cabacho I have made to suede or felt and stitch around it. I have done this before.

I am still not done with the piece. With all the stitching a bead broke, so I have a hole that I sort of fixed.... You can see my work place...lots of beads...!!! I like lots of beads... It's like search for a treasure.

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